Reeves Model 104 Mass Casualty Flexible Stretcher



The Reeves Mass Casualty Stretcher is so compact that ten can be carried at a time by emergency personnel responding to an incident.

  • Constructed of specially compounded orange or gray 18oz. vinyl-coated nylon
  • Easily washed with soap and water
  • Highly resistant to acids, alkali and penetration of liquids
  • Five (5) removable hardwood slats positioned between two layers of the 18oz. fabric
  • Slats provide strength and rigidness
  • Shorter slats are placed in torso area only to make stretcher lighter and more compact
  • Lightweight – 13lbs.
  • Compact and portable – opens to 78”L x 28”W; closes to 35”L x 6”W
  • Six (6) handles ergonomically placed for ease of transport
  • Handles constructed of polypropylene webbing with foam inserts
  • Three (3) polypropylene web patient security straps for immobilization
  • Load capacity – 350lbs.
  • Carry bag with shoulder strap
  • One person can carry up to ten (10) of these stretchers when responding to an incident


  • Opens to 78”L x 28”W
  • Closes to 35”L x 6"W

Included Items:

Carry bag with shoulder strap

Model Number: RSS0008

Extra Information

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