Safety Vest Ultra, Pack/4



A safety vest in the car can be of vital importance and is therefore compulsory in many countries. Keep a safety vest in the cockpit. Always put on the safety vest first before leaving the vehicle. The ultra flat safety vest can be stored out of sight but still within reach under any floor mat. The safety vest is always easy to find thanks to the Hi-Visibility Label. The safety vest can be decompressed once by opening the vacuum packaging.

Pull the Hi-Visibility Label open. Fix the soft hook and loop fastening to the hook and loop fastening on the vacuum bag. Take sticky strip out of the packaging and fix it to the rough hook and loop fastening on the Hi-Visibility Label. Put the safety vest under the floor mat and fix the Hi-Visibility Label to the floor mat with sticky strip. Place this ultra-flat safety vest under every carpet. This way all car occupants will have their own safety vest within reach.

Model Number: VUBL01

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