Salem Sump™ Tube, 16FR

$4.29 - $179.00


Covidien's Salem Sump™ dual lumen tube allows for safer continuous and intermittent gastric suctioning. The large lumen allows for easy suction of gastric contents, decompression, irrigation and medication delivery. 

  • Double lumen PVC tube- one for suction drainage; one for sump vent
  • X-ray opaque Sentinel Line™ with Sentinel Eye™ tubing
  • Integral funnel connector with removalble 5-in-1 adapter
  • Integral irrigation funnel for irrigation through sump vent lumen
  • Funnel end of vent lumen can be used to cap 5-in-1 adapter

The smaller vent lumen allows for atmospheric air to be drawn into the tube and equalizes the vacuum pressure in the stomach once the contents have been emptied. This prevents the suction eyelets from adhering to and damaging the stomach lining.

Model Number: 8888-264960

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