Slishman Traction Splint (STS)



1. The STS Does Not Extend Beyond the Foot - The compact design of the STS won't jam up against ambulance doors or prevent you from placing patients into aircraft. When extricating or hoisting the splint stays safely contained within the board, litter or basket. No risk of striking the splint resulting in further injury or pain to the patient. 

2. Rapid Patient Application in Under 60 Seconds - The unique design of the STS makes it the fastest splint to apply. No poles to assemble or mechanisms to set up. No long transport delays. Four step application process is rapid and easy. 

3. The STS is Not Contraindicated in Lower Leg Injury or Amputation - While other traction splints are contraindicated with lower leg injury or amputation, the STS unique design allows the ankle strap to be alternately positioned proximal to the calf or patella. This allows femur traction to still be applied and leaves the lower leg accessible for other splinting or bandaging.

4. Lightweight and Compact - The STS weighs only 21 ounces and is 23” W x 3” H in size. It takes up little space in vehicles or aircraft and can easily be strapped to jump bags and backpacks. 

5. One Size Fits All - The STS works with both adults and peds. No need to carry two different splints. If your agency requires you to carry two traction splints, two STS splints can be carried for bi-lateral splinting of peds and adults.

6. Traction Mechanism Accessible During Transport - If traction adjustment is needed while enroute, the STS traction adjustment is accessible at the patient’s hip, not jammed up against the door or airframe at the
patient's foot. You can easily and quickly adjust traction for maximum patient comfort. 

Model Number: 10-0262

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