Tecnu Poison Oak-N-Ivy Cleanser

$6.10 - $15.95


Tecnu® Outdoor Skin Cleanser removes the rash causing oil, urushiol. Applying Tecnu to skin can prevent itch- causing rashes before they have begun, or remove the oil to prevent recontamination and quicken the natural healing process. Tecnu can be used on contaminated clothing, shoes, gloves, tools and pets.

  • Medicated anti-itch outdoor skin cleanser. Fast cooling itch and pain relief
  • Stops itching & pain, dries oozing, promotes healing
  • Removes the urushiol oils that cause rashes and treats poison oak and ivy
  • Wash tools, pets, or put in laundry with detergent to remove urushiol oils

Model Number: FG10063, FG10279, FG10079

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