The Extractor Snake Bite Kit



The only medically recommended device for treating snake bites

Ideal for anyone who works outdoors on a regular basis

The Extractor® kit is an easier, more accepted and safer method of treating snake bites in-the-field, because it doesn't require the use of a knife or scalpel to open the wound. The powerful suction created from the pump draws out the venom directly from the puncture wounds created by the snake fangs. Kit is ideal for anyone who works outdoors on a regular basis and includes the pump, razor (for body hair removal), four sizes of pump adapters, three bandages, two prep pads, two sting care wipes and the instruction manual. Case measures 5"Lx3-1/4"Wx1-1/4"H. USA made.


NOTE: Most effective when used within 15 minutes of the bite. This kit is not a substitute for proper medical care.

Model Number: 1SBSYR

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